Weekly lunch hot spot: Super Torta


Once a week, the Amplifier website will be providing you with a restaurant idea for lunch. It will offer a review along with an address, a website if available and phone number. Featured places may be old favorites, while others are a new venue. Regardless, it will be a place where you can buy lunch for a reasonable price.

A small, bustling restaurant, Super Torta offers fresh Mexican food that is reasonably priced, quick and delicious. A favorite among students, you are sure to run into classmates, along with many adults on their lunch break. The staple of their menu is the item the restaurant is named for, the “Super Torta”. A massive sandwich for $5 dwarfs the Subway “5 dollar foot-long”, it offers meat, lettuce, beans, guacamole, tomato and butter on a large roll. If it sounds strange, all doubts are erased once eaten. Along with this option, Super Torta serves an all meat burrito for $5.40 that some enjoy greatly. On the other hand, they offer quesadillas and vegetarian burritos for those who would rather avoid meat. Other burritos are around $5 and have the same great quality of food.

Where: 710 Washington Street, Oregon City
Phone Number: (503)-722-2306 ‎