Weekly lunch hot spot: New Eastern flair arrives in the Central Village


With mouthwatering dishes and oriental tones, Thai Linn has just opened in the Central Village Marketplace, offering deliciously flavorful food.

The first thing that I felt when I walked in was instant relaxation. From the beautiful trickling water fountain in the front of the restaurant to the gentle music in the background, Thai Linn emanates a calming essence. The atmosphere felt cozy to me while still being a fair sized restaurant. Their color theme was great and I loved the paintings scattered along the walls.

All of the meals that I ordered were delicious, but two meals in particular stood out to me, which were the chicken satay and the chocolate cake. The chicken satay was rich and tender, prepared expertly. The peanut sauce that accompanied it was the perfect compliment. It was sweet and flavorful to the tongue. Thai restaurants aren’t known for serving chocolate cake, but this cake turned out to be a wonderful ending to a great meal. The sweet richness balanced out the salty and spicy tones of the meal. I was very surprised with how good it actually was. I was mainly expecting run-of-the-mill, regular Thai flavors that I’ve experienced in the past in other restaurants, but here I received much more than that.

Other than the food, there were many other great aspects of the restaurant. The staff members were nice and approachable; our waitress was cheerful and helpful, but not too overbearing. The bathrooms were nice and clean. The sign on the outside of the restaurant was great; it was bright and cheerful and lit up beautifully at night. Thai Linn’s menu was simple and clean with just the right amount of food choices, including vegetarian options and spiciness levels. The prices were reasonable, around $11 per meal. My only complaint would be that the restaurant was pretty bare, which detracted from the overall atmosphere.

Overall, Thai Linn is a wonderful Thai food restaurant with great meals and great service. I would definitely recommend this restaurant to anybody who loves Thai food. I would give this restaurant four and one half out of five stars, because while there were a few things that could change it was an overall great experience. Thai Linn has started out strong and I hope that it does well as a business in the future.