Paolini’s next Inheritance installment coming in November

Three years after writing the third book of the Inheritance series, Christopher Paolini has finally finished the creation of his last novel, “Inheritance”. The previous books in the series were based on the story of a young man named Eragon, who finds a beautiful blue stone which turns out to be an ancient dragon egg. When the egg hatches, it becomes a magnificent, wise dragon named Saphira. He learns that he must be the one to save the rebellion against the Empire and the evil Emperor, whose dark and vast power knows no bonds. In “Inheritance” the final battle between Eragon and the Emperor occurs. Will Eragon be victorious and reform the broken Empire? Or will the Emperor destroy him and remain the ruler of the Empire?

The current release date for the book is Nov. 8. It is also available for pre-order on for $13.98 and Barnes and Noble for $14.98. There will be electronic versions on Kindle and eNook for approximately $13.99. Visit the official Inheritance Cycle website at, where you can purchase hardcover copies for $27.99 at