“Paranormal Activity 3” scares up success


If “Paranormal Activity” 1 and 2 weren’t enough to scare you out of your seats, “Paranormal Activity 3” will surely give you the fright of your life. On Oct. 21, one of the most anticipated films of the fall season hit local theaters. A Halloween treat, “Paranormal Activity 3” is one of the scariest and most thrilling films of the year.

The film, set in the year 1988, serves as a prequel to the first two “Paranormal” films, and as a foresight into the frightening ghost activity which kept much of its audience sleepless for weeks. This installment follows two young women, Katie and Kristi, and their families who experience demonic creatures living in their house.

The mystic movie managed to scare up $52.6 million worth of receipts at the box office within its first weekend of release, setting an October record and the record for biggest opening for a horror film. There was no doubt that horror gurus were enthusiastic about the film, which has been receiving mostly positive reviews so far.

However, the film suffers from repetition with the first two installments. Those who didn’t like the shaky-camera style of shooting from the first two films will not be impressed this time around. However, the technique and the scares in this film are clearly more efficient and better in “Paranormal Activity 3” than in its predecessors. Directors Ariel Schulman and Henry Joost craft the film with style and enough spookiness to make it feel fresh and genuine, even though the plot takes place in the 1980s. “Paranormal Activity 3” outmatches the bland second film, and perhaps even the legendary original “Paranormal” itself.

There have also been contradictory opinions about the film. A couple disgruntled viewers say that the franchise has lost its flavor, and that “Paranormal Activity 3” doesn’t live up to its predecessors.

Nonetheless, it is undeniable that “Paranormal Activity 3” is another critical and commercial success, and a fourth film is already on the way. Some may say that it is the scariest movie of all time, and others may say the thrills are lackluster, but there is no doubt that it serves up enough frightening stuff to be seen simply for spectacle.

I give this film three and a half out of five stars because it is a fantastic and scary installment in the “Paranormal” franchise, but is at times repetitive. Overall, “Paranormal Activity 3” is the perfect haunted Halloween treat, but don’t see it alone, or you may be mentally scarred forever.  The film is rated R for some violence, language, brief sexuality and drug use.