“Modern Warfare 3” gives new twist to the already popular game series


The biggest selling Xbox 360 franchise is back. “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3” was one of the most anticipated games of 2011. It features a compelling multiplayer option with more variety and balance than I have ever seen in any other “Call of Duty” game.

Some new features that were added were “strike packages” which allow players to customize kill streaks. Also added was a new spec ops mode called “survival mode,” allowing players to go through as many waves of enemy players as possible without dying.

The campaign is a continuation of “Modern Warfare 2.” It basically consisted of flashbacks to when you are working undercover for Makarov, the leader of the Russian Army. You are going through a world war where you have missions in New York and Afghanistan. The main objective is simple-to kill Makarov.

What could be improved is making the gaming material, multiplayer and campaign more different than “Modern Warfare 2.” It feels like they just took “MW2” and just added a few new twists. Nice improvements included taking out “noob tubing,” “One Man Army” and “Danger Close,” which allows the game to be much more balanced: the multiplayer game play can suit any type of player.

Overall this game is very fun and does not require any sort of thinking. The multiplayer is balanced and the campaign is successful allowing you to have as much fun as possible. I give this game five out of five stars even though it is a repeat since it is balanced and fun. This is definitely a game for anyone who likes first person shooters. This game is rated M for intense violence, language and some drug use.