Turntable helps music lovers find new music, connect with similar people

If there’s one thing I like to share, it’s music. I love sharing music. It helps me make new friends, discover new music and maybe, just maybe, like a whole new genre. Turntable is a website to help you do all of these things, plus more.
In order to sign up for the site, you have to either have a Facebook or a Twitter. When you first join, you’ll have a list of rooms where you can join in and listen to music. In the room, you’ll see five DJs, where they select a playlist and play their music for everyone to hear. If there’s are no spots open, then you can’t play music, but can still enjoy what others are playing. If there’s an open spot, you have to grab it quick, because they are taken quickly.
You now have the chance to play and share your music. After you choose a few songs for your playlist, you actually have the chance to share your music. People can either press the “Awesome” or “Lame” button. If someone presses the “Awesome” button, then you get a point. Your points can unlock new avatars for your character. Someone could also “fan” you, which means they would see whenever you were online and what rooms you listen to. Every time an avatar’s head starts moving, that means that they clicked “Awesome.” There’s also a chat on the side to talk with your fellow music lovers.
The company behind Turntable said it best, “… and as much as people talk about Turntable as a music service, it’s much more of a community.” It’s not like iTunes or Spotify, where being social was an added feature. Turntable is all about being social. You can actually make friends using Turntable. And I like friends.  Go to http://turntable.fm if you want to sign up for free.