Encouragement drives West Linn singers to rise above state competition

After a disappointing performance at Warner Pacific College the West Linn High School Symphonic Choir plans to change the performance for state and create a more balanced show with the variety and contrast according to Barb Fontana, choir director.  The Choir Festival which took place March 2 determined the state candidates, adjudicated singers and school choirs on their abilities, gave performers criticism and encouragement.

With the wide range of 71 singers, Fontana feels at an advantage in being able to expand the music variety into more sophisticated music and experiment with eight-part harmonies. The symphonic choir hopes to redeem itself and show case its talents on April 4 at the League festival and then again at the State competition on May 5.  Fontana looks forward to the competitions that are approaching. She feels very confident going into competitions because she thinks both “the singers and the band are great,” and that they “will represent the school well.”

In addition to the Symphonic Choir and preparation for its upcoming events, Fontana has been occupied with the Jazz Choir as well.  Fontana is very impressed with both choirs and applauds the work of the middle school choir teachers for “implanting the singing seeds” in so many students