Ingrid Michaelson comes to Portland; new songs itching for a great performance

Maybe it’s her sweet, unassuming smile, or perhaps it’s the heartbreaking, yet reassuring, chord that her songs strike with her listeners. Whatever it is, in the past five years, Ingrid Michaelson, indie/pop musician, has risen to stardom as an artist who stands out from the rest in a currently popular field.

Michaelson’s songs such as “Keep Breathing,” “You and I,” and, perhaps one of her most popular, “The Way I Am,” have been played on both alternative and popular music stations, demonstrating how she straddles the line between indie/soft rock and more sassy, uplifting pop. Just this year, Michaelson released a new album: “Human Again.” Her amazing voice sails out in newer, fiercer songs such as “This Is War,” and her talent also sparkles in beautiful fresh tunes, like “Ghost.”

The beloved artist is coming to our neighborhood. Portlanders have the chance to see Michaelson in the flesh and enjoy her irresistible, easygoing vibe live. She will be performing at the Roseland Theatre on April 23rd. The doors open at 7 p.m. and the show starts at 8 p.m. Tickets range from $18 to over $80, so bargain-hunting before you make a final purchase is a good idea. There are many great websites where you can find tickets, such as, and For more information on the Roseland Theatre, visit

It’s not too late to catch tickets for this sure-to-be-superb show. You still have a chance to hear Michaelson’s mellow guitar chords and jaw-dropping singing talent as she performs songs that you sing along with on the radio right before your eyes.