24-Hour theater provides laughs for audience, helps thespians raise money

Having only 24 hours to prepare for a play may sound like a nightmare for some, but for these involved Thespians, it seemed like a breeze for a good cause. Thespian Troupe 1915 held its annual “24-Hour Theater” fundraiser last weekend. The event gives members of the troupe 24 hours to read and memorize lines to a play which they haven’t seen before and perform it the next day.

“I think memorizing was the most stressful part for me,” Nora Hand, junior, said.

The event consisted of three short plays: “Bank Robbery” (directed by Rhianna Turner and Rheid Heska-McJannet, juniors), “Bed and Breakfast” (directed by Arianna Hall, junior) and “Nobody Famous” (directed by Taija Channel, junior, and Keeley Anderson, sophomore). During intermission, they raffled off items from different productions throughout the school year, including goggles from “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” a hat that was never used from “Little Shop of Horrors,” a signed poster from the upcoming show, “Distracted,” and season tickets for all shows next year.

“It was pretty difficult, since I was also a host house,” Turner said. “It was fun and stressful. It was a great way to get to know people better.”

The first play, “Bank Robbery,” was about three not-so-bright employees at a bank who are stuck in a vault during a robbery. “The second play, “Bed and Breakfast,” was about a woman who can’t stand her new husband because he is trying to kill her. The last play, “Nobody Famous,” was about a woman who has her dreams come true of being famous, at a cost.