The ZigZag Inn a convenient location for winter sports

The ZigZag Inn is a family-owned business established in 1927 in Zigzag, of off Highway 26.  It is approximately 15 minutes from Mt. Hood.  Its location makes it a convenient place for those who are participating in winter activities. They serve a wide range of foods such as, steaks, seafood, chicken, pasta, pizza, burgers and sandwiches. It also does have an option for breakfast.  The ZigZag Inn also offers vegetarian options, such as vegetarian pizzas and salads, however the restaurant does not offer any gluten free options.

As you walk in the restaurant you are greeted with friendly and fast service. There is reportedly no wait in order to be seated as it is not near any major cities or towns. Inside the restaurant are both tables and booths, and the staff lets you choose between the two.  Once you are seated they hand you a menu with a wide variety of selections.  The waiter was very kind, often checking in with our table.  She also gave a few recommendations. She even told us the items on the menu that weren’t very good.

The specialty of the restaurant is pizza, which is what I ordered, along with one of their specialty drinks, a steaming cup of hot chocolate.  The hot chocolate is very rich in chocolatey taste and sweetness.  On top of the hot chocolate was a thick layer of whipped cream coated in chocolate crumbs.

The “Jimmy The Greek” pizza consisted of pesto, feta cheese, red onion, artichoke, and olives.  The “Oregon Shrimp, Pineapple and Olive Pizza” consisted of what is sounds like. The pizza was absolutely amazing; it was made from scratch. The cheese melted in your mouth; it was nice, moist and did not fall apart.  All of the ingredients were from local stores around the area.
The crust of the pizza was probably the best part. It was made fresh, and it had a hard shell surface, but inside, the crust of the pizza was moist, soft and warm.  There were no burns of any kind on the crust.  The price of the pizza can range from 22 dollars for a large, about 16 for a medium and 12 for a small.  The small pizza is approximately 10 inches, the medium is 16, and the large is 18 and is capable of feeding a family of six.

The restaurant itself is constructed from cut logs, resembling a log cabin, even feeling cozy on the inside.  The decorations consist of old wooden skis, snowshoes, sleds, animal skins, and pictures taken of the beautiful Mt. Hood. The lighting inside the building is very dim but this makes it relaxing. All of these features combined to create a cozy-warm yet still outdoorsy environment.

If you are returning from Mt. Hood and have an appetite after participating in the many available winter sports, I highly recommend stopping at the ZigZag Inn to eat.  They offer great, fast service, inexpensive and high quality food, and a relaxing family environment.  I would rate this restaurant a solid A-.