New movies coming out in March

After the hype of the Oscars from February has died down, March is a relatively quiet month for movies. The following are the more noteworthy movies that are coming out this month.

Opened on March 8

“Oz: The Great and Powerful”
Starring James Franco, Mila Kunis, and Michelle Williams, “Oz: The Great and Powerful” is a prequel to the classic “The Wizard of Oz.” The film is about a magician named Oscar (Franco) who, along with the aide of three witches, must protect the Land of Oz from evil. “Oz: The Great and Powerful” is rated PG for action and scary images, and brief mild language.

Opening on March 15

“The Call”
Starring Halle Berry and Abigail Breslin, “The Call” is a movie about a young teenage girl (Breslin) and the 911 operator (Berry) who answers the girl’s emergency call. The call becomes a personal one for the operator once she realizes that the abductor is someone from her past. “The Call” is rated R for intense, violent material throughout, some sexual content and some language.

Opening on March 22

“Spring Breakers”

Starring Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Benson, and James Franco, “Spring Breakers” is a comedy about four college students (Gomez, Hudgens, Benson and Rachel Korine) on spring break are jailed after robbing a restaurant.

The girls are then released after a rapper named Alien (Franco) bails them out in order for them to do his dirty work. “Spring Breakers” is rated R for strong sexual content, language and violence throughout.

Opening on March 29

“The Host”

The latest novel from “The Twilight Saga” author Stephenie Meyer comes to the big screen, starring Saoirse Ronan, Diane Kruger and Max Irons, “The Host” is about a species of aliens who have taken over humans. Melanie (Ronan) is one of the last few humans who are still alive, but once she too has been taken over by the alien species she tries to fight to keep her human soul intact. “The Host” is rated PG-13 for some sensuality and violence.