Justa Pasta Co. provides disappointing dining experience


Parking lot seating, cold bread and dark atmosphere earn two thumbs down in my opinion.  Friendly staff ,“homemade” ice cream served in drinking glasses and quick food preparation were the highlights of this disastrous dining experience at Justa Pasta Co.

Located on a run down street  and next to Jiffy Lube, Justa Pasta Co. ‘s outward appearance was not pleasing to the eye.  The outside seating consisted of plastic chairs and tables set up in the parking lot.  was The inside was dark and empty with only about seven people inside, including staff members. The order counter was hidden behind a shelf with dozens of wine bottles resting on it. As I was waiting in line,I kept telling myself “Don’t step back or you’ll knock over all the wine.”  I thought it was a little strange that they had an order counter instead of waitress. Daily specials were sloppily written on a tall chalkboard to the right of the ordering counter.They were nearly impossible to read, so we had to read the typed original menu.

While ordering, I discovered one of the only highlights of my experience — the staff. All of the staff members that I talked with at the restaurant were extremely polite and helpful. They had welcoming smiles and were eager to help you if needed. However, I was slightly let down when they didn’t thank us for dining with them when we left.

The menu offered many options of meals, including vegetarian , but excluding vegan and vegetarian. The restaurant also offered non pasta dishes such as snack platters and cheeses. Noodles were available for purchase as well. I ordered the three-cheese alfredo, a vanilla italian soda and their “homemade” ice cream for dessert.  My total came to $15. The prices were quite high considering the poor quality of the food.

The food preparation process was another highlight of eating the the pasteria. Our  meals were prepared within the first ten minutes. While we were waiting for our food to arrive, we were given complimentary bread and an oil dip. The bread was good ,however it was cold. The meal arrived quickly. As I took a sip of my vanilla italian soda, I notice it was not bubbly at all. The creamy flavor was still there, but it tasted like the beverage had already been prepared and had been sitting out for sometime. The noodles looked neatly prepared and delicious. I was disappointed when I took a bit. The noodles were stiff and drenched in the alfredo sauce. It tasted like there was  something crunchy in the center of the noodle, when it was supposed to be stuffed with three different types  of cheeses. The main course was extremely unsatisfying. The claimed “homemade” ice cream was clearly scooped straight out of a carton. My dessert was creamy and sweet, but it was served out of a drinking glass.

Overall, I would not recommend Justa Pasta Co. I would rate it 2 stars. The food was cold, tasteless and old. It was located in a run down part of town and the “outdoor seating” was located in the parking lot. The restaurant itself is dark, gloomy and unwelcoming. Justa Pasta Co. is an overall disappointing restaurant.