Pearl Bakery Takes The Cake

The trademark of truly savory restaurants is the line of people out the door.  However, in a time crunch, customers can’t afford to wait an hour just to be seated. The Pearl Bakery combines great food and great service without the need to come up with an excuse for why an hour long lunch break lasted two hours.


The ambience is more akin to that of a bakery in Paris, France rather than one in the heart of Portland. Cafe tables line the periphery of the building; while fresh bread and pastries line the walls inside the bakery.


Unfortunately the food at the bakery is also priced like a Paris cafe without the benefit of actually being in Paris. A pre-made sandwich can be as much as $6; albeit one of the best pre-made sandwiches that Portland and the surrounding metro area has to offer.


The price may be influenced by the Pearl Bakery employees take in making the bread, sandwiches and pastries. Menu changes are seasonal, and the ingredients always fresh. A house favorite off their spring sandwich menu is the smoked turkey sandwich with smoked turkey breast, muenster cheese, roasted red peppers, arugula, roasted red pepper aioli and dijon mustard on a poppyseed kaiser roll. This combination of ingredients will explode in your mouth, and will leave customers feeling satisfied.


Other favorites include Parisian macaroons, which are $1.75 each, and come in a variety of flavors including lemon and strawberry, and the gibassier which has become so popular it is made commercially and sold around Portland. The Pearl Bakery is one of the only bakeries in the United States that makes gibassier.


At Pearl Bakery, what you see is what you get. Vegetarians have the option of the pastries and breads that line the counters, such as cinnamon rolls and other sweet treats. Carnivores are able to select sandwiches that will fill their stomachs and leave them ready to finish their work day. All can enjoy the espresso and specialty drink Pearl Bakery has to offer. Specialty iced teas such as the sweet hibiscus tea, can cost up to $3.25.


Service at Pearl Bakery is excellent. Employees greet customers with a friendly smile and offer refills on homemade beverages such as iced tea and coffee. After eating at Pearl Bakery customers will have no doubt that the Pearl Bakery knows just how to leave a smile on their customers faces.


With amicable service, fresh ingredients and a short waiting time, the Pearl Bakery is an eatery that deserves consideration. Pearl Bakery is located at 102 NW 9th Ave., Portland.