“Into the Woods” takes the stage as this year’s musical

Singing, dancing, and fairy tales characters are all part of the new high energy musical “Into the Woods” at West Linn High School, which opens on Nov. 7.

“The actors are so talented, and eager to learn new skills on stage,” Jon Ares, director said. “They are willing to work really hard at making the best productions ever seen on a high school stage.”

“Into the Woods” is based on classic fairy tales that interweaves stories from the Brother Grimm tales. It starts with a witch (played by Rochelle Biancardi, junior) who lives next door to a baker and his wife, who wish to have children, but are not able to. The witch will grant them fertility if they receive items from Red Riding Hood (Riley Knowles, freshman) Jack (Kyle Fulton, sophomore) Rapunzel (Lauren Hansen, senior) and Cinderella (Claire Baumgardner, junior). “Into the Woods” is about adventure and the importance of community and selflessness. “The music is incredible and the story line is so well written,” Ellie Jones, junior, who plays the Baker’s wife said.

Another enthusiastic actor, Fulton, has acted since he was eight and loves being a part of musical in the West Linn and Portland community. He was surprised to be cast as Jack, “During the rehearsals I didn’t realize it but I have similar mannerisms with my character,” he said.

Both Jones and Fulton wanted to be in the musical because they just like to try out for any kind of acting opportunity.

Just like Jones, Ares loves this musical he describes it as one of his favorites. He loves Stephen Sondheim’s work, the writer of the music and lyrics. The performance department as a whole decides on the musical. There are many factors in the picking the musical like “do we have enough dancers, do we have enough sopranos, or do we have enough strings for the orchestra?” Ares said. They try their best to balance out the types and styles of musicals we do. “We want students in their four years, to get a rounded mix of styles of musicals. This is why it takes so many of us to decide,” Ares said.

Final performances are on Nov. 7-9 and 14-16 at 7 pm for all performances. It is ten dollars for adults and eight dollars for students.

The Cast List

Narrator – Madison Smith
Cinderella – Claire Baumgardner
Jack – Kyle Fulton
The Baker – Riley Olson
The Baker’s Wife – Ellie Jones
Cinderella’s Stepmother – Sydney Sullivan
Florinda – Katie Jones
Lucinda – Emma Resk
Jack’s Mother – Gracie Sleeper
Little Red Ridinghood – Riley Knowles
The Witch – Rochelle Biancardi
Cinderella’s Father – Brandon Arrigotti
Cinderella’s Mother – Natalie Combs
Mysterious Man – Jacob Arrigotti
The Wolf – Eric Dale
Cinderella’s Prince – Soren Carr
Rapunzel – Lauren Hansen
Rapunzel’s Prince – Garrett Hoover
Grandmother – Janae Turner
Steward – Jake Luther
Snow White – Jayden LaRiviere
Sleeping Beauty – Kira Duff
Giant (voice)- Janae Turner