“The Sound of Music Live” does not live up to expectations

Carrie Underwood’s voice delivers in live presentation of the classic musical, but her acting does not.

Advertised for many months, the NBC presentation of the “Sound of Music Live” was broadcast on Nov. 5.  The one-time presentation staring country queen Carrie Underwood as Maria and “True Blood’s” Stephen Moyer as Captain Von Trapp had been talked about for months.

After weeks of rehearsal, the show was broadcast live across the whole country over a span of three hours. The singing was fantastic, with Underwood’s pipes along with these of the  Von Trapp children being  the best part of the show. The acting, was stilted and really took away from the show. Underwood was not convincing as Maria; her acting seemed forced and unnatural. The Von Trapp children, seemed the most  comfortable in their roles.

Overall, I would give the “Sound of Music Live” a solid B. The singing was fantasitic and wonderfull. The acting took away from the great singing and dancing. It was nice to see a reprise of a great show, but I would rather stick with the Julie Andrews original.