Take a ride with “Ride Along”

Car crashes, gun fights, explosions and plain humor made “Ride Along” a great movie to see. The movie theatre was packed because of opening weekend, so I was glad we were able to find a seat.

“Ride Along” starring Ice Cube as James Payton and Kevin Hart as Ben Barber, centers around Hart, who dreams of being a cop.  As he follows around his to be brother-in-law on a ride along. The movie takes the audience on a wild, yet very entertaining ride. The two start off on a typical day by checking up on disturbance calls which then leads to a run-in with one of the most notorious gangs in Atlanta. The movie takes a great twist as they are running for their lives. Throughout the movie the struggle of their relationship turns into a real bond.

This movie was the perfect way to be cheered up on a dark and dreary day. Hart and Ice Cube make a great team, while delivering many laughs. Their antics at a gun range are sure to make you smile. If you are feeling down or in the mood to laugh, this is a great movie for you. I really enjoyed this movie but would not recommend it for ages under 13 due to sexual humor, the official rating is PG 13. I would give “Ride Along” a B plus for its great humor and a great movie to see.