“Big Data” lights up the Hawthorne Theatre with its unique look and sound


Lead singer of Big Data Daniel Armbruster performs his hit song “Dangerous” for an audience.

The Hawthorne Theatre went dark as the band “Big Data” began its set on April 22. Paying only $20  for the ticket, I didn’t expect much of a show. To my surprise, the entire concert, which lasted a little over two hours, was filled with light effects and impressive music.

With a techno theme, “Big Data” set a mood that lasted the whole night and made the concert very memorable. Their energy had a domino-effect with the crowd all the way until the last song. With a indie-rock vibe and catchy lyrics, they captured the audience’s attention throughout the performance. They saved their most famous song “Dangerous,” for last.

They were very energetic on stage and never stopped moving. Throughout the entire concert flashing lights followed with the beat of the songs.

The opening act “The Moth and The Flame” set up for the band but had a completely different sound. Brandon Robbins, lead singer of Moth and The Flame, offered an alternative sound.  They performed for around an hour and was also thoroughly impressive.

I would give the concert an A because the music matched the environment of the Hawthorne Theatre. Both “Moth and the Flame” and “Big Data” lived up to expectations and gave the whole night a fun vibe.