Say goodbye to several beloved TV shows and hello to anticipated new ones


“Glee,” “Revenge,” and other tv shows have signed off for their last episode and new shows are airing.


“Glee” It had a total of six seasons for its six years on TV. “Glee” was becoming old and boring. It was basically the same episode with the same plot making it very predictable.

“Revenge” was cancelled because the show has no more plot. For it to return, there would have to be an entirely new cast. “Revenge” ended after its fourth season. “The show was one of my favorites to watch,” Cassandra Whiteley-Ross, senior, said “The final episode had me in tears.”

“Allegiance” only made it through five episodes before being cancelled. It was cancelled due to low ratings from the public. The plot is about a rookie CIA analyst who doesn’t know his family is a part of some Russian sleeper cell. I never viewed this show but it didn’t really have any star cast members.

“The Millers” was moved to every Monday which lowered its ratings dramatically to a 1.5 according to IMDB. Will Arnett who played Miller, is a really good actor, especially in his role as Nathan Miller. His acting personality seemed to fit the role of Miller, but the show was not a hit with the public.


“Parks and Recreation” This office sitcom ended after its seventh season. “Parks and Rec” is a good show after the first season. Once you pass through the first season it begins to pick up and become interesting. It could be compared to “The Office” which is also a hilarious series and has many major characters.

“Parenthood” The show had six seasons after debuting in 2010. “Parenthood” was also given an overall rating of an 8.1 by IMDB. I wasn’t ever interested in “Parenthood” because it just seemed like there was so much going on at once. It was just hard to follow at some points. Overall, it wasn’t too bad because it showed problems that some parents go through. It had a deeper connections and feelings that you can understand what a family is.

“The Mentalist” It had seven seasons after premiering in 2008. The overall rating given to the show was an 8.1 according to IMDB. “The Mentalist” might continue if another tv station picks it up. I would love for Mentalist to return because Simon Baker is one a super good actor and fits the role perfectly.

“Two and a Half Men” was a funny series because Ashton Kutcher took over for Charlie Sheen. Although his career is in the decline this was my favorite show he has been in.


“The X-files” This sci-fi thriller is coming back for a six-episode season in 2015. It has been 13 years since the last new episode of “The X-files.” It looks interesting but I would like to watch the original series before I watch the new episodes.

“Zoo” a TV show that originated as a book by the same name, written by Michael Ledwidge and James Patterson. Once again I’d love to read the book before watching the series so I have a foundation of what is happening and  also I would be able to compare the book to the show. It’s about a young scientist who tries to find out what disease is killing his animals.

“Chicago Med” The spinoff of “Chicago Fire” which already has another spinoff called “Chicago PD.” “Chicago Med” will be roughly the same thing but just focus on the medical part of intense situations as opposed to firefighter and police aspects. My family and I really enjoyed “Chicago Fire” and “Chicago PD” so if the trend continues we will love watching “Chicago Med” as well.

“Coach” Like “The X-Files,” “Coach” is another TV series that will be brought back after a long absence. It is about a coach of a Division 1-A college football coach for the Minnesota State University Screaming Eagles. NBC has brought it back to provide somewhat of a “sequel” to the original show from the 1990s. Everyone with a love of football or even sports would probably end up enjoying the series but with it coming back. I want to watch the earlier series before starting the new one especially when it’s called a sequel.