Marvel’s TV success transitions to Netflix

Netflix releases “Marvel’s Daredevil”


Matt Murdock, a blind lawyer, works in the office and out on the streets to keep his city clean of crime. Netflix released “Marvel’s Daredevil” April 10 and plans to release the second season next year.

Marvel Cinematic Universe has extended its reach from the big screen to home screens. Due to the success of “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” and “Marvel’s Agent Carter,” MCU released “Marvel’s Daredevil” on Netflix April 10.

“Marvel’s Daredevil” follows lawyer Matt Murdock, played by Charlie Cox, as he saves the city of Hell’s Kitchen from criminals day and night. Murdock was blinded by a chemical spill when he was a child. Though the accident took away his eyesight, it enhanced his other senses to a superhuman level. The result of his increased senses gives Murdock a sort of sonar allowing him to “feel” things around him. He can judge distances and move better than he could before, using his new abilities as a type of sonar.

Investigating cases during the day with his co-lawyer Foggy Nelson, played by Elden Henson, Murdock goes out at night to discover what is really happening in the town. When Hell’s Kitchen hears of this new vigilante, they give Murdock the title of Daredevil.

Daredevil’s main enemy in this season is Kingpin, played by Vincent D’Onofrio, the crime lord who runs the alleys of Hell’s Kitchen. As the season progresses, Daredevil and Kingpin become more and more tangled in each others lives creating major conflict.

Once the characters were introduced and the complication of Murdock’s life was revealed, this show was impossible to turn off. I watched the first episode of “Marvel’s Daredevil” on a Friday and watched the last episode that Sunday morning. Without any hesitation I give this an A because of the way Marvel immediately captured the audience’s attention with the everyday criminals Murdock handled and their intertwined backstories.

One of my favorite parts of watching this series was the title sequence. Elastic, a group of filmmakers, did an amazing job by tying in the blind Lady Justice to support the justice that Daredevil was trying to create in Hell’s Kitchen. They used this thick, red liquid dripping off of objects that connected to the show and the title sequence to a fluency in the story. Overall, I think MCU hit the mark with this series and I can’t wait to see what they do with their current works in progress. In the near future for MCU is “Marvel’s Luke Cage,” “Marvel’s Iron Fist” and a few other TV series that are currently being developed and planned on releasing to Netflix as well.

At first, MCU was on the fence about whether or not to create a second season to this first one, but after reviews came in, they plan to release the second season in April 2016.