“Pitch Perfect 2” makes 69.2 million at the box office but fails to please fans

“Pitch Perfect 2” makes 69.2 million at the box office but fails to please fans

When “Pitch Perfect” first came to theaters in 2012, it’s quirky and quotable humor stuck with fans long after they left the movie theater. I was a big fan of the “Pitch Perfect” music and the storyline. I was excited too see what the writers came up with for the sequel.

After seeing the movie last weekend, I was not impressed by the reused jokes and lack of storyline. They introduced two new main characters, Emily, played by Haliee Steinfield, and Flo, played by Chrissie Fit. Both of the new additions to the “Pitch Perfect” cast lacked personality and wasn’t able to add anything new to the storyline. Emily lacked any spark at all and wasn’t able to add to the cast.

Although the movie still had lots of laughs, it was equally matched with uncomfortable silences. The character Flo featured many Mexican stereotypes that left a bad taste in my mouth. Constantly making comments about her poor upbringing and the dangers of crossing the border, the thematic humor just made those scenes awkward. In addition to the unoriginal and racist comments, the character put nothing towards to storyline.

“Pitch Perfect 2” also lacked the music that made the first movie so good. They were not a hit with fans.

Overall I would rate the movie a B-, I enjoyed watching Rebel Wilson who plays Fat Amy and Anna Kendrick who played Beca reprise their roles in the second movie along with some of the same silly humor I enjoyed in “Pitch Perfect”. But, the movie lacked the catchy and fun music the first one had and an original script and storyline.