Say aloha to a movie that will make you smile


“Aloha,” a romantic comedy, was surrounded by hype before it was released on May 31. The movie’s cast includes well known actors including Rachel McAdams, Bradley Cooper and Emma Stone. The film was written and directed by Cameron Crowe.

“Aloha” follows a military contractor by the name of Brian Gilcrest, played by Bradley Cooper,  who goes to Hawaii to oversee a launch of a weapon satellite into space. Along his trip he ends up reconnecting with his lost love, Tracy Woodside played by Rachel McAdams, and then falls for a fighter pilot, Allison Ng played by Emma Stone.  The movie was fun and was easy to follow, if you went on a bathroom break you could easily catch up with what you missed.

I would give the movie a B, all the actors were exciting and not sore to the eye, which is another factor that makes the movie very enjoyable. My favorite actor was Stone. She was amusing, full of life and constantly made the audience laugh. Even in the more serious parts of the movie she was able to lighten the mood with an awkward phrase or a funny look.

The reason why I would not rate this movie higher is because it didn’t give you anything to take back with you, it had funny moments but not moments that brought tears to your eyes.  A good comedy should make you laugh a lot. Also there were some pieces of the movie that were confusing. Stone was supposed to be playing the part of a Hawaiian Asian and frankly she looks nothing like either of these ethnicity. But to counter the confusingness of her heritage, throughout the movie it added some laughs when she pestered people who didn’t believe she was Hawaiian.

Overall I recommend this movie to all people who enjoy light hearted movies. This is no action packed war movie so if that’s what you’re looking for, “Aloha” is not the one for you.