Sub Zero: A National Chain With a Homegrown Vibe

Revolutionizing the way people look at ice cream


Rick Walker, owner of Sub Zero Ice cream, demonstrates properties of the liquid nitrogen used to freeze their product.

“Sub Zero Ice Cream” is worth a try for any high school student out there. At first glance Sub Zero might appear to simply be a flash in the pan gimmick, similar to many frozen yogurt shops that have showed up over the last several years. But this ice cream shop is different. The ice cream is made right there in front of you.
You pick what kind of milk or cream you want, ranging from normal 14% cream to coconut milk or soy milk and everything in between, pick which flavors, and then pick free toppings if you like. They then freeze your ice cream using liquid nitrogen right in front of you and serve it up at the cash register. The environment in the shop is happy and friendly. The owner, Rick Walker, was right there the whole time cracking jokes and teaching customers about how their product is made, even showing off the properties of the nitrogen they use. Sub Zero is a well run business with great service and an even greater product.
The communal feeling and experience of watching your ice cream made right in front of you makes the ice cream served superior to any other for sale in the area. The only complaint heard from peers attending the restaurant was that the ice cream wasn’t the most affordable. At $4.95 for a regular-sized ice cream this is true, but what people don’t consider is the experience along with the quality of service and product included, as well the store’s proximity to WLHS.
A comparable ice cream shop in the area, “Baskin Robbins”, charges nearly the same amount with extra for toppings, and the environment of Baskin Robbins comes nowhere close to the inviting feeling of Sub Zero. While we ate our ice cream the owner came around to tables and demonstrated how liquid nitrogen reacts, going on to explain that he sometimes teaches small science classes outside of his business. This storefront deserves customer’s attention and is an asset to the community as it serves more than ice cream.