“The Walking Dead” returns with the best kind of glory and gore

Walkers surround the characters in peril. “The Walking Dead” returns to AMC every Sunday night.

Walkers surround the characters in peril. “The Walking Dead” returns to AMC every Sunday night.

“The Walking Dead” season six premiered Oct. 11 on AMC with episode one, “First Time Again.” The Alexandria “crew” returns to the small screen with a crushing problem.

Within the first five minutes, Rick Grimes, played by Andrew Lincoln, discovers a construction site full of walkers. Semi trucks and fences are blocking the “herd,” but only momentarily. They devise a risky plan to draw the walkers away to a far-reaching forest in order to keep their new home safe.

The team meets up at the site to attempt a dry-run of the plan, but one of the semi-trucks on a hill gives way, allowing the walkers to roam free. Rick must put the plan in motion immediately, possibly before the team is ready.

After Rick brutally murdered Pete, a danger to the community and an abusive father, many townspeople questioned his authority and his right to be in Alexandria in the first place. Even Rick questions his decisions.

Since living on the outside, Rick has changed from the sheriff in Georgia. He has seen more blood and gore in a few months than the previous decades of his life. The loss of his wife after giving birth to his second child had hardened him for future tough times.

The mentality of the townspeople conflicts with that of Rick. He believes that they all need to learn how to kill the walkers on their own, or they won’t survive inside or outside of Alexandria. This is why Rick assumes a position of authority in the town. He thinks he know best because of his experience with walkers.

The character of Carol has transformed from a helpless mom to self-sufficient woman of the apocalypse. After losing her daughter, Carol went through a long period of grief. She then met Lizzie and Mika at the prison that the group made into their home. Both girls died, and Carol even had to kill Lizzie herself to save the other girl.

The characters in the show have become stronger people and more prepared for a lifetime of walkers. But we will have to see if these skills can save them and their home.