Supporting the Arts

Choir, Orchestra and Bands perform in the PAC.

SETTING THE STAGE.   The seats were almost entirely filled when the concert started, and five groups performed. It took two hours, from 7 PM to 9 PM in the performing arts center.   “I’m so happy all of you came tonight,” Director Kevin Egan began. “We love the support and I hope you have a good night.” Photos by Alex Bischel.

GOLDEN MUSIC. Jazz Band performed second after choir, led by conductor Kevin Egan. They played Queen Bee, Gingerbread Boy, and Christopher Columbus.

HOLD YOUR BREATH. Symphonic choir performed third after the band, led by conductor Aubrey Patterson. They sang Douri, Abendfriede, and The Sstars Stand Up in the Air.

PULLING THE STRINGS. Chamber Orchestra performed fourth after the choir, led by  conductor Georgia Muggli. They played Lullaby, and Symphony No.29

STREAMING THE AIR. Symphonic Band performed last, led by conductor Kevin Egan. John Wetzsteon and the rest of the band played One Life Beautifi, and Rhapsodic Celebration.