Chasing across the atlantic

Chase Atlantic, a band from down under, begins their tour with their new self-titled album


Photo Courtesy of Warner Brothers Records

Chase Atlantic’s album cover, much simpler and sleeker than the rest, echoes that of the smooth and fresh new album. The rose makes an occurring reappearance on their website and is likely to be a component of the tour.

Bold and dark Australian alternative band Chase Atlantic, after releasing a multitude of extended play records (EPs), has finally dropped a 14 track self-titled album and is touring the United States this fall going into 2018. With a Portland, Ore. date on the Feb. 3, Chase Atlantic’s bringing the heat at the infamous Wonder Ballroom.

Chase Atlantic originated as a duo consisting of brothers Mitchel and Clinton Cave, but quickly turned into a trio with friend Christian Anthony. While most would identify Chase Atlantic as an alternative band, Chase Atlantic’s innovative writing process and ability to cohesively draw from R&B influences, makes for tantalizing tracks that fail to fit categorization. From saxophone breaks to rap verses to slowed down synths, Chase Atlantic blurs the lines between genres with an expert level of finesse and love for their craft.

Despite their self-titled album being the first album to their name, the boys have an extensive amount of EPs and singles beginning in 2014 with “Dalliance,” a five track EP including one remix. Leading up to their album release they dropped 3 separate parts of one EP with 3 tracks, each featuring their own album art. Songs exclusive to the new album like “Okay” and “Swim” are sure to be played on tour alongside the classic bops like “Cassie” and groovy tunes like “Into It”. Thriving in their growing fanbase, Chase Atlantic is never short of drive to create honest and avant-garde music. .

Adding dates as we speak, their self-titled tour is one of their first headliners in the United States. With a desire to be internationally known, they signed with an international label and are looking to break out across the globe. With hit tracks like “Friends” and “Church,” their music never shies away from the raunchy or the dark, creating tracks with stories that engage the listener and attract listeners from all around. While being relatively popular, they remain a hidden treasure to most, expertly producing and diy-ing all of their music production.

Ambition leaks from every ounce of these guys; whether it be their killer instrumentals dripping with confidence or the swelling vocals, Chase Atlantic takes their time to curate fluid and almost otherworldly music.

Listen to their new album here on spotify, or download it on itunes or apple music.

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