Listen to LIVVIA’s ‘Catch a Body’


Image courtesy of Creative Artist Agency.

This fast-paced, addictive pop track featuring Quavo is by no means the perfect song, but it’s so enjoyable and catchy I can’t stop listening.

“Catch a Body” is LIVVIA’s first smash hit. The talented singer has been writing songs since she was 13 and just dropped a hot single featuring Quavo. “Catch a Body” is an addictive, catchy track that is blowing up on the spot. Quavo and LIVVIA hop on production from Rock Mafia to create an infectious pop tune with bits of EDM added on.

This track has all you can ask for in a pop song: a beat that makes you want to get up and dance, and her catchy voice will stay stuck in your head for hours.

My main complaint with this song is the repetitiveness and lack if lyrical diversity. Having Quavo helps combat this, but it is, at its core, a repetitive song. This, you know, isn’t too bad, and some repetitive songs are still hailed as works of art. Quavo does not dominate the track like he is so used to doing. He is a great feature and really enhances the song.

LIVVIA uses the phrase “Catch a Body” to describe how good a guy looks to her at a party. At times, it seems corny, comparing catching bodies and talking about this guy’s body. Listeners look past the lack of lyrical depth, focusing on the party aspect of the song.

Quavo brings in clicks, but another reason why “Catch a Body” has had such success, with nearly two and a half million streams on Spotify, is because of its catchiness and replayability that will keep you coming back. Whether you are a fan of Quavo, fan of pop music, or just a fan of music in general, you have to give “Catch a Body” by LIVVIA a listen.