Hottest movies of the summer

Every summer, some of the hottest movies of the year are produced. With the new school year coming around, it’s easy to get lost in the newfound responsibilities and forget about the future classics that were produced, so it is good to recap the most popular movies of the summer, according to the students of West Linn high. 

One of the most anticipated movies prior to summer was “Spider-Man: Far From Home.” Marvel enthusiasts could not wait to see Spiderman take on new challenges, and expressed in a new light.

“I enjoyed Spider-Man: Far From Home,” Asher Troxell, junior, said. “It was a cool ending to the whole Iron-Man saga in the Marvel Universe.”  With the movie scoring a whopping 95% on rotten tomatoes, it seems as though the world agrees.

Another hyped-up movie prior to summer was “The Lion King.” Being a generational classic, many were thrilled to see it being reproduced and to compare the original with the new.

“The original [Lion King] was better,” Troxell said. “They didn’t really change the new one. I don’t think it did very well because it was a carbon copy of the first one.”

This can be seen in the movie’s ratings, as it only scored 53% on rotten tomatoes. Leif Severson, freshman, agreed, and was disappointed with the lack of variety.  “People want a new plot, a new story, “Severson said. “There was no suspense – as I always knew what was going to happen next.”  

This brings up the question: is it worth it for producers to remake a movie? Or is it better to create a sequel to the original?

Take Disney’s Toy Story 4 – it did spectacular, scoring 94% on rotten tomatoes, and it was an original story. “I grew up watching Toy Story, so it was sad to see the whole series end,” Troxell said.

Cameron Ortiz, sophomore, also is big on Toy Story. “Toy Story was a big part of my childhood,” Ortiz said. “I watched it ever since I was young. It’s sad to see it come to an end, but I can’t wait to see the next series Disney comes out with.”

Toy Story, you will be missed.

Next summer, there are some classics that you can expect to see. “Fast and Furious 9”  will be coming out on May 22nd. You can also expect to see Marvel’s “Black Widow” and DC’s “Wonder Woman,” both coming out in the summer of 2020.