Athletes tackle PowderPuff

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  • Mid game shot of team Camo setting up a play. In this game, they are playing against team Yellow.

  • Camo runs a succsesful play which leads to a touchdown. This extends their point lead, making the game seem easy.

  • Reigning victorious, team Black jogs off the field.

  • A penalty flag is thrown against team Black. The Purple team gets a free 10 yard lead.

  • Team Camo's receivers run to complete a pass. Yellow can be seen hoping to intercept or stop the play all together.

  • After a hard fought lost, team Purple walks off the field defeated.

  • Team Purple and team Neon Green waiting to start their game. The coaches can be seen in the background, discussing technicalities.

  • The teams and staff during an intermission. They find out here what team they're going to play against next.

  • A player on the yellow team attempts a field goal kick in hope to score a few extra points for her team.

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