On a slow day, Trisha Statde works on an art piece to fill the time and keep her inventory stocked.

Painted Earth

May 7, 2020

Sticking it to the man

Megan Riehle, Arts and Culture Editor

April 21, 2020

Beginning mid way through last school year, a student has installed a collection of art celebrating marginalized groups, providing access to mental health support outlets and representing a diverse group of gender and sex...

Jordan Bancroft being held by her teamates after a race.

Coming out

April 16, 2019

Honoring Nipsey Hussle

Megan Riehle, Staff Reporter

April 2, 2019

Well known rapper Nipsey Hussle was shot and killed on Sunday, March 31, leaving behind his wife Lauren London and his children Kross and Emani Asghedom. He was killed outside of his clothing store, The Marathon Clothing, at the y...

Thank you, what’s next?

By Gillian McMahon

February 28, 2019

Perhaps one of the most daring moves of her career, Ariana Grande came out with "thank u, next" only a couple months after the release of her last album "Sweetener.” While I enjoyed a few songs on "Sweetener,” "thank u...

“The hand represents one of my biggest faults which is holding onto the things I need to let go so that’s why it’s holding a dandelion.”

Think ink

February 7, 2019

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