New management finds success at Sushi Hooray


Jake Nielson

The newly renovated building that used to house Sushi Boat, now showing off a fresh new look.

In the past, service and quality of food at the high school’s neighboring conveyor belt sushi restaurant was at the very best lacking. Up until recently, that restaurant (formerly named Sushi Boat) seemed to consistently lack the qualities of a mediocre restaurant, let alone an exemplary one. This all changed however when new management took over Sushi Boat, turning the once struggling restaurant into Sushi Hurray, a much fresher version of its out of date predecessor.


Compared to what it used to be, Sushi Hurray has improved exponentially over its past self. The restaurant is now much more bright and welcoming with a wait staff that is helpful and polite. That said, service can be fairly spotty if you do not initiate the conversation with them. Ordering things off of their menu is best done at the beginning of the meal when they bring you a drink. The atmosphere is all in all very laid back and welcoming.


Along with an overhaul of the actual restaurant, Sushi Hooray has also started implementing a daily happy hour. This is by far the best improvement that has been made by the new management. Happy hour is from 2 to 5 daily and during that time every plate of sushi that is ordered or already on the conveyor belt costs $1.85. Pricing when happy hour is not in effect varies from $1.35 a plate to $3.85. Sushi Hooray also serves Udon and other various Japanese dishes at set prices that are not affected by happy hour. All items at Sushi Hooray are under $10 though, making the restaurant very affordable for a quick after school meal. The new management paired with the affordability of Sushi Hurray have made it a rival to Market of Choice’s sushi prices while offering a larger variety and higher quality of sushi. If sushi is what you want and money is what you lack Sushi Hurray is the place to go.