Stepping in

Face shields assembled by Jenni Tan and her family before being shipped to hospitals, nursing homes, and first responders around the country.

Audrey Lippert, Co-Current Events Editor

April 30, 2020

The spread of COVID-19 has presented many challenges across the globe, and the community is stepping in to lighten the load. West Linn residents of all ages are working together to curb the crisis and help medical and essential workers. Local families are using what they have to make face shields and m...

Week of April 20th fishing report

Week of April 20th fishing report

Caden Kesselring, Breakdown staff

April 20, 2020

‘Even a small difference is something’

The final face shields printed and assembled by West Linn and Wilsonville's robotics teams.

Skylar Moore, Co-Editor-In-Chief

April 8, 2020

As Oregon sets foot into its fourth week of the “Stay Home, Save Lives” measure, students and community members alike have been finding ways to give back and support one another during quarantine. With the increasing demand for masks, people have been engineering their own protective equipment to hel...

Principal Neuman addresses student body

Principal Neuman addresses student body

Caden Kesselring, Breakdown staff

March 13, 2020

Principal Neuman addressed the student body with regard to COVID-19 ahead of the extended spring break.

OSAA no way

The stands will stay empty, no track or any other athletes until Mar. 31

Orion Forest, Sports Editor

March 13, 2020

At first the boys and girls basketball tournaments were going to continue, but without fans or parents attending the games.  The game was canceled hours before tip-off, ending the season for basketball players across the state. As time goes on, more and more professional sports leagues are canceling an...

Breaking Down the Coronavirus

Breaking Down the Coronavirus

Mason Self, Breakdown Staff

March 12, 2020

Breakdown anchor Mason Self provides a quick update on local and national news about the COVID-19 outbreak, announced as a pandemic by the World Health Organization on Mar. 11. 

COVID-19 update: district looks to Oregon Health Authority for informed decisions

The OSAA has updated their website announcing the cancelation of all winter sports championships due to concerns of COVID-19 outbreaks.

Megan Riehle, Arts and Culture Editor

March 12, 2020

As rumors and speculations about the COVID-19 virus flow through the school, administration is trying to get an idea of how the district and the state as a whole is going to handle this pandemic in relation to school closures and event cancellations. Principal Gregory Neuman is awaiting a conference...

Sanitation supplies update

Hand soap and tissues in the main office.

Remy Gottschling, Coverage Editor

March 12, 2020

The Covid-19 has officially spread to Oregon and along with it the worries about the amount of cleaning supplies available to the public. But “West Linn High School is stocked up” on supplies according to principal Gregory Neuman.  More specifically, the district has provided “plenty Kleenex a...

Finding the change: new resources for stopping sexual harassment

In the counseling office, you can find the pamphlets made by the Feminist Club. It includes  information involving legal rights, consent, and resources.

Karina Rower, Co-Arts and Culture editor

March 9, 2020

In today’s world, it is important to reflect on the way people can come together to solve problems. The Feminist Club has become a club that supports and advocates for the benefit of the student body. In May of 2019, the conversation surrounding sexual harassment resurfaced after a variety of messages wer...

Referees and refugees

The winning team, Team Esqueda, poses with their prize: a $150 gift card to Lil' Cooperstown. Team Esqueda won the final 1-0.

Kaleigh Henderson, Podcast Editor

March 4, 2020

On Feb. 5, the Model UN Club held a co-ed soccer tournament to raise money to support Venezuelan refugees. "We have six teams in the soccer tournament," Summer Tan, sophomore, said. "They each gave us $8 per player, and we're using that money to split the cost between supporting the Model UN tea...

Overcrowded parking: crisis or first world problem?

The senior lot full of cars at 10:00 a.m, an hour and a half after school starts.

Lillian Gottschling, People Editor

February 22, 2020

In America, receiving a car for your 16th birthday is a quintessential rite of passage for teenagers across the country, and in a wealthy community like West Linn, teenagers with cars are no rarity. Though this may seem unimportant, the abundance of West Linn students with cars has caused a whole other...

Poetry Out Loud 2020

Poetry Out Loud

Kylie Zeman, Lily Frazier, and Kaleigh Henderson

February 13, 2020

All sophomores memorized and performed two poems in their English classes in the past few months, and the best performance of each class moved up and performed at a school-wide competition. The winner of the contest, Anna Olson, will perform at the state competition on Mar. 13.

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