From teaching government to working in government: WL teacher is recruited by Kitzhaber’s office to improve education standards

Elise Brown

November 9, 2011

Todd Jones, social studies teacher, is taking a sabbatical from teaching to work with the state government to make Oregon’s education system better. For 14 years, Jones has taught classes at West Linn such as AP Government and International Relations. Now, as a staff member serving Gov. John Kitzhaber’s...

Check out Homecoming Court: celebrity crushes, bizarre dreams and more

Mary Earp

November 8, 2011

Victoria Guerchon, senior Favorite item of clothing: “Fuzzy Halloween socks with ghosts on them or yoga pants.” Favorite food: “Barbecue or French fries with honey mustard.” Favorite place in West Linn: “All of it. Or the river.” Favorite quotation: “It’s either ‘live and let li...

Mills named new Varsity Baseball Head Coach

Mills named new Varsity Baseball Head Coach

Sean Pebler

November 3, 2011

In a month that has been associated with turmoil for the Varsity Baseball Team, stability has returned with Kevin Mills, who was named new head coach on Friday, Oct. 28. Mills, who is also a math teacher at West Linn High School, was chosen by a committee consisting of parents, players and administration...

Speech and Debate coach looks to inspire and improve individuals’ skills

Christian Marvin

October 25, 2011

Now out of his rookie year, speech and debate head coach Brian Gutowski is raising the bar on his team. Although he finds the personal goals of the members to be most important, he is looking to see a stronger team effort in participation, an area that was weak last season. Last season, the team started...

The historic Willamette general store gets a new face in an old place

The historic Willamette general store gets a new face in an old place

McKenna Clayton

October 19, 2011

The strip of stores in Old Willamette is home to summer street dances, the Wednesday market and many favored restaurants. Take a walk a little farther down the road, and there is an old building that has been standing since the 1900's, usually unnoticed, which is now in the spotlight. The Historic...

Twin Day Stars

Twin Day Stars

October 7, 2011

Who knew West Linn High School had so many sets of twins?

Hawaiian Day Stars

Hawaiian Day Stars

October 4, 2011

Check out students who took the Hawaiian day theme to heart.

Robinwood Station, now official community center, prepares events for city teens

Elise Brown

September 30, 2011

On Aug. 27, Robinwood Station officially opened its doors as a city-owned meeting hall, kicking off its roster of events with an end-of-summer picnic. Since then, the Station has hosted a birthday party, a garage sale fundraiser, and weekly “hula-hoop” nights. Randall Fastabend, president of Friends...

Nicaragua: the story behind the mission

Sarah Chung

September 16, 2011

Dedicated and determined, 35 members of our community traveled thousands of miles this past summer to the heart of Nicaragua. The majority of these members were fellow students of West Linn High School. These students devoted a few days of their summer to participate in various volunteer projects to...

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