In the nature preserve, Camassia, that surrounds the campus, trash lays littered on the ground. It has become such a problem that ASB officers, like Noelle Herrick, senior, are planning a school wide trash pickup. “I was disappointed to see the trash and was more disappointed in our student body,” Herrick said. 

Uncovered garbage cans outside allow factors like wind, birds, and wild animals to disrupt the trash. Geology teacher Geoff Bingham has been teaching at West Linn since 2005 and graduated in 1999. “Part of our large outside problem is that kids are throwing trash away outside of the school but they are not covered garbage cans,” Bingham said.

A sour stroll

Jordy Tawa, Sports Editor December 16, 2021

Just in time! Nyla Cabine, sophomore, knocks down the corner jumper with 15 seconds left in the first quarter. Cabine’s shot put the Lions up 19-11 at the first quarter’s conclusion.

Lions defeat Raiders in season opener

Joseph Murphy, Sports Editor December 15, 2021

Full Moon in Taurus-original photography and poem by Sienna Reiner

Full Moon in Taurus-What’s Your Christmas Star?

Sienna Reiner, Kaleidoscope Contributor December 8, 2021

Our magazine loves this poem themed to the Taurus zodiac! What's your December inspiration? Submit your galactic artwork and writing now.

Party time! Kicking off the Affinity Club’s Diwali celebration, Uma Grover, junior, tells the group about the food and set up for the holiday. She advocated for the idea to host the get together as a way for the school and fellow students to recognize the holiday.

Celebrating together

Myrtle Guarisco, Opinions Editor November 29, 2021

One of the major festivals practiced by Jains, Hindus, and Sikhs, Diwali symbolizes the victory of light over darkness. This year it began on Nov. 4. Students could eat food unique to the culture,...

Spinning-original photography by Ellie Woehl

Spinning-The Spooky Season

Ellie Woehl, Kaleidoscope Contributor October 25, 2021

Celebrating the week of Halloween with submissions from The Spooky Season? Reading poetry and observing our collection of students' artwork from The Spooky Season challenge is a great way to get into...

Broom-original photography and poem by Ethan Goff

Broom-The Spooky Season

Ethan Goff, Kaleidoscope Contributor October 19, 2021

Learn "what's in a broom?" with this poem. Continue to submit your artwork and writing for The Spooky Season. This exclusive challenge ends at midnight on October 31st.

The Bully-original photography and poem by Sienna Reiner

The Bully-The Spooky Season

Sienna Reiner , Kaleidoscope Contributor October 19, 2021

This poem is a great way to tell a story for the month of October. Please continue to submit your wonderful artwork and poetry before The Spooky Season challenge ends at midnight on October 31st.

My Earbuds-original photography and poem by Emily Williams

My Earbuds-The Spooky Season

Emily Williams, Kaleidoscope Contributor October 19, 2021

Listening to music is an escape from the hustle and bustle. Submit your Halloween/Fall themed artwork and writing up until October 31st. Be a part of this exclusive challenge only for the month of...

Two Faces-original photography by Libby Hull

Two Faces-The Spooky Season

Libby Hull, Kaleidoscope Contributor October 19, 2021

Two faces on the window sill- The rain falls Down, down, down. Till then I wait inside Beside the two faces That lay patiently Against the wall. Enjoy this mysterious photography by...

Magic Mystery-original fog photography by Kaelin Kehm

Magic Mystery-The Spooky Season

Kaelin Kehm, Kaleidoscope Editor October 17, 2021

More creepy, October fog anyone?

Mystic Magic-original fog photography by Kaelin Kehm

Mystic Magic-The Spooky Season

Kaelin Kehm, Kaleidoscope Editor October 17, 2021

Did anybody else notice this creepy, October fog?    

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