Take steps now to avoid the fall flu

With all the sneezing, coughing and wheezing of the flu season, does it ever make your skin crawl? Currently, these symptoms and this season’s virus are spreading around West Linn High school like wildfire. On Monday Sept. 29 over 87 students were out sick according to the attendance office. To avoid the fall flu and other viruses, follow these tips.

One to the easiest precautions you can take is receive a flu shot before the start of the official flu season, which is October through May.  Flu shots are available at your doctor or at almost any pharmacy. It might hurt a little, but it can save you from missing school and feeling awful.

Another easy way to prevent germs is to wash your hands frequently during the day. By washing your hands with warm soapy water, it can prevent many germs from entering your body and causing colds.  Even if you can’t go to the sink as often as you like, a little squirt of hand sanitizer here and there can make a big difference according to the Center for Disease Control.

Avoid sipping other people’s drinks. This not only spreads the flu and other germs, but can also spread to diseases such as mono.

Overall, to avoid the fall diseases going around, just be aware to wash your hands, receive a flu shot and don’t share germs!