Opportunity knocks

National Art Honor Society opens many doors for art students in the community


Art students learn about glass blowing during their Portland Open Studios internship. This is an opportunity presented by the National Arts Honor Society, an organization which allows members to earn art honors and opens a broader community for aspiring artists.

National Art Honor Society gives students the opportunity to express art in the community. “Students also have some scholarship opportunities by being a member,” Diane Gauthier, art teacher, said.

The following scholarships are available for NAHS students: Columbus College of Art and Design, The Art Institute, Maryland Institute College of Art, Charles M. Robertson Memorial Scholarship (to Pratt School of Art and Design in Brooklyn, New York).

“It gives students a broader community and network to draw from for future connections,” Gauthier said.

“Some students have been chosen as interns for the Portland Open Studios, Oct. 10, 11 and Oct. 18, 19. They will work with an artist during this time,” Gauthier said.

Connecting to the art community at a young age opens many doors, according to Shalie Reay, senior. “I had so much fun painting with a real Portland artist, and it was really easy to connect with them being so close to home,” Reay said.

Other connections include working with their community; 30 hours of community service from sophomore through senior year. These are required to receive Art Honors cords for graduation. “Last year Kathy and I worked on a huge art piece for Union Gospel Mission women’s shelter in Portland. It was one of the best experiences of my life to make new friends and bring the brightest of smiles to these women. The painting even got the best seat in the building, front and center in the main entrance. Knowing the struggle of these women inspired me so much to continue to make art.  I would happily do something similar again,” Reay said.

“Our upcoming service projects include a trip to Tanner Springs Retirement Home on Oct. 21. from 3:30-5 p.m. We will help residents create Halloween masks using paper masks and tempera paint. We will likely return to Tanner Springs for a date in December, to help create Holiday decor for the residents’ doors. All NAHS meetings basically cover the upcoming service opportunities.

NAHS has a Facebook page where Kelly Schoenborn, and Melanie Martinsen, seniors, and co-presidents of NAHS, and Gauthier keep students updated.

NAHS meetings are held in Room 701 on the second Thursday of every month during the lunch hour. Gauthier runs the meeting and students will be informed of upcoming volunteer hour opportunities.

For questions, contact Gauthier via email at [email protected], or visit her in room 701 for further information.