WLHS performs well at the CCC Regional Skills Competition Feb. 26


The Clackamas Community College Regional Skills competition was Feb. 26. Twenty-two students from WLHS competed at the competition.

Two WLHS students, Quinn Mitchell and Alex Farnbach, seniors, placed first in Theater Arts and in the Social Sciences quiz at the Clackamas Community College Regional Skills Competition held Feb. 26. First place winners won a tuition waiver for 12 credit hours, which is equal to $1,008. Twenty-two students from West Linn High School competed.

“Two students from WLHS placed in the top 12 percent for math in the competition,” Sandie Yamauchi, student service secretary, said. “They have the opportunity to go to the Oregon Invitational in May at the University of Oregon.”

“Overall, the competition was really fun,” Christina Li, freshman and participant, said. “It was really stressful at first and I thought I had no chance of placing. The competition gave me more confidence and was a really great experience.” WLHS staff thought the students performed well at the competition.

“I think we represented WLHS well,” Yamauchi said. “They are all great kids and I think they had a great time.”

Some just went to the competition to look at CCC as a college option, but others went to compete. A group of seniors attended the senior incentive program.They toured the campus and looked at the job fair. They also looked into the scholarship opportunities. Unfortunately, the Intel Science and Engineering fair prevented some students from going to the CCC Skills competition.

“I was actually able to do both,” Li said. “My brother, Henry, drove all of us to the event because it was before the fair started. I was pretty lucky that I could do both since a lot of people could only do one.”

ISEF was the same day as the competition and most students who wanted to go to the competition were already in ISEF. The students who competed in the math category who were in ISEF were able to attend the competition because the fair was after the competition.

WLHS students who attended the CCC Skills competition were able to challenge themselves against other students from high schools around the area. Here are the results:


Theatre Arts

1st Place – Quinn Mitchell

Social Sciences Quiz

1st Place – Alex Farnbach

Math Individual IV – Algebra

4th Place – Raymond Berry

5th Place – Christina Li

6th Place – Shashank Thandri

7th Place – Alex Qiu

Math Individual V – Pre-Calculus

8th Place – Riley Knowles

Math Individual VI – Calculus

4th Place – Howard Lin

8th Place – Neil Yotsuya

9th Place – Anna-Marie Hartner, Easton Lin & Kaylene Lim

10th Place – Eric Tran

11th Place – Anton Anikin

Math Team Level 2

7th Place – Anton Anikin, Howard Lin, Christina Li

8th Place – Alex Qiu, Raymond Berry, Shashank Thandri

8th Place – Eric Tran, Kaylene Lim