Eight WLHS students place at the State Solo Band Competition and Women’s Ensemble places third at State Small Ensemble


Kevin Egan, Band and Orchestra Director, conducts the band as it performs. The band had eight students place at the State Solo Band Competition and the Women’s Ensemble Choir and Brass Quintet placed third at the State Small Ensemble Competition.

The WLHS band, with 20 members, participated in the State Solo Band competition at Lewis and Clark College May 2. Logan Bryck, senior, and Will Glausi, freshman, placed first on the French horn and alto saxophone. The Brass Quintet, Conor Egan and Evan Clow, juniors, on trumpet, Bryck on French horn, Sam Brown, senior, and Neil Yotsuya, sophomore, on trombone,  placed third at the State Small Ensemble Competition May 1 at Lewis and Clark College.

“They played awesome,” Kevin Egan, Band and Orchestra Department Chair, said. “It is the one time I can just be part of the audience and enjoy the performances. It’s really fun.”

“Some people were practicing for three or more hours a day,” Egan said. “They would play for an hour in class, and then however many hour they practiced outside of band class.” WLHS had the most students performing at the competition.

“West Salem had the same number of students go to the competition as us, which is a pretty big deal,” Egan said. “The number of students we had just speaks to the dedication of the students. It’s truly incredible.”

The band was not the only group to place at the State Solo Competition.

The Women’s Ensemble Choir competed in the State Small Ensemble contest. Of the 22 women in the choir, 16 went and placed third.

“They did a great job,” Barb Fontana, Choir Director, said. “They qualified at the District 14 competition and the got the chance to go to state.” They performed “Hello Girls” by Lloyd Pfautch and “Kyrie” by Randall Johnson.

The  next concert for the choir is May 26 at 7 p.m. and the next concert for the band and orchestra is May 27 at 7 p.m. Here are the students who placed at the State Solo Band Competition:

Brass Quintet- 3rd Conor Egan and Evan Clow on Trumpet, Logan Bryck on Horn, Sam Brown and Neil Yotsuya on Trombone

Sam Brown, 5th Euphonium (and 8th Trombone)

Eaton Lin, sophomore, 3rd Viola

Henry Li, senior, 3rd Tenor Saxophone

Caroline Glausi, senior, 2nd Flute.

Conor Egan, 2nd Trumpet

Rochelle Biancardi, senior, 2nd Timpan