Fewer juniors will have parking spots next year


Brittany Park

Ashlynn Steinbaugh, junior, climbs into her car after school. Most juniors next year will not have a parking space next year due to the large size of the Class of 2016.

With over 400 students, the West Linn High School Class of 2016 is one of the biggest in years. Because of the number of seniors next year, juniors will be allotted fewer Tripp Lot parking spots.

“The seniors have guaranteed spots,” Lou Bailey, WLHS principal, said. “The juniors will not have as many parking spaces next year since they do not have priority.” Some upcoming juniors aren’t very happy about this change.

“I was really hoping for a parking spot,” Kate Walters, sophomore said. “I’ll be driving next year for early bird, so it bums me out that I will not be able to have a space.”

Juniors still may have the chance for a parking spots if some of the seniors give up their parking space.

The juniors will still enter a drawing for spaces if they are available next year.