WLHS students mentor Bolton Elementary School fourth graders

Testing his students teaching abilities, Jim Hartmann, science teacher, is advising his AP Environmental Science classes as they visit fourth graders at Bolton Elementary School. WLHS students will be teaching the students on Thursday, May 28, about cataclysmic events that led to the formation of landscape in the Pacific Northwest.

“We are teaching them about the Missoula floods; how they washed away all the soil below 400 feet in elevation and what effects it had on species of plants,” Andrew Dowling, senior, said.

The students in Hartmann’s geology classes are put into small groups with kids and have mini discussions with the fourth graders and hold mini-discussions with them.

“It is beneficial for everyone because as we teach them, they are in a way teaching us which makes it a more enjoyable situation,” Lewis McLoughlin, senior, said.

This has always been one of Hartmann’s favorite things to do as a teacher because he likes seeing “whether or not his kids know the material and how well they can teach it to a kid who has never heard of these events, I plan on doing this project for the upcoming years for the beneficial aspect for everyone.”