2018 November Midterm Election Live Blog


Hello, and welcome to our live coverage of the midterm elections. Control of the House and Senate is up for grabs today, as well as 36 Governorships and most State legislatures.

In Oregon, Governor Kate Brown is facing a strong challenge from Knute Buehler. A number of controversial ballot measures could a limit government power, restrict abortions and remove Oregon’s sanctuary state status.

In local elections, incumbent Kurt Schrader is running against Mark Callahan to be our federal representative, while Julie Parrish and Rachel Prusak are competing for the state representative position. Democrat Rob Wagner is facing off with Republican David Poulson for the State Senate position.


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Abrams refuses to concede in Georgia

Stacy Abrams, whose election has been marred by accusations of mass voter suppression, is demanding every vote be counted.


Tony Evars and Scott Walker locked in close battle

The Wisconsin gubernatorial race is going down to the wire tonight. Controversial governor Scott Walker is facing a close challenge from Tony Evars.


Healthcare wins big

From the Oregon House, where a Nurse practitioner beat Julie Parrish after she tried to restrict health care, to the midwest, where measures and candidates succeeded running on expanded health care, to New England, where left-wing politicians won major elections, today was a massive victory for supporters of universal health care.


Parrish refuses to concede

Julie Parrish has not yet conceded, saying “It’s not over until it’s over”



Sherry Hall defeats challenger

County Commissioner Sherry Hall has won reelection, despite her controversial stance on marriage ceremonies.


Brat loses election

David Brat, whose election signaled the start of the Tea Party movement, has been defeated by a Democrat.


Keith Ellison wins despite allegations

Keith Ellison has won the race for Minnesota Attorney General, overcoming sexual assault allegations that threatened to end his campaign.


Rob Wagner wins Senate race

Rob Wagner will defeat David Poulson


Democrats win a House Supermajority

Rachel Prusak will defeat Julie Parrish, according to the Oregonian, and Democrats will win a House supermajority.


Kate Brown will win!!!

Kate Brown will continue as governor of Oregon.


Portland passes clean energy bill, liberals lead ballot measures

A big victory for progressives and leftists, as Portland passed a clean energy bill.


Left-wing groups will be very happy with ballot measures, where 102 leads and all other measures are set to be rejected.


David Ige will hold the Hawaii Governorship

Hawaii will stay blue


Democrats lead early results

Democrats lead early on, with Kurt Schrader up 55-42, Rachel Prusak up 53-47, and Rob Wagner up 65-35.


Kate Brown takes early lead

Kate Brown currently leads Knute Buehler by about 10 percent.





Gillum loses in Florida.

Andrew Gillum has conceded in Florida. This is a shocking polling error, a devastating defeat for progressive Democrats, a big sign of Florida turning right wing, and a victory for Trump’s right-wing social conservatism.


Oklahoma Fifth district likely dem.

Barring a surprise turn of events, Democrats will win a shocking election in Oklahoma’s fifth Congressional district.


Marsha Blackburn will win in Tennessee, Hawley likely in Missouri.

We are predicting that Republican Marsha Blackburn will defeat Phil Bredesen. This Senate position was needed for Democrats to compete. Josh Hawley is likely to flip Missouri Republican.



We are comfortable predicting that Republicans will hold the United States Senate.


Allred wins in Texas, Cramer beats Heitkamp

Ted Cruz is now near certain to win, while in Nebraska, Wyoming and Mississipi, Republicans look likely to win.


Republicans win expected races

Democratic dreams of turning Texas Blue appear to have been ended, with Ted Cruz expanded his narrow lead and mostly Republican votes remaining.


Beto loses Texas

Democrats have picked up a number of House seats, including Max Rose in NY.


Democrat gains in Florida, Virginia, New York

In dark red Kansas, Sharice Davids has become the first Lesbian Native American woman elected, and, even more shockingly, Laura Kelly has defeated Republican Kris Kobach. It’s a stunning result for Democrats.

Phil Scott has become the second to Republican to win in a dark blue New England state, winning Vermont.


Democrats win in Kansas, Scott wins in Vermont

Democrats look set to pick up seats in the House of Representatives in Colorado and Michigan. If you’re supporting Democrats, you should be feeling more optimistic right now.


Democrats pick up multiple seats

Jared Polis will become the first openly Gay man elected Govorner, according to the latest reports.


Jared Polis projected to win in Colorado

Bob Menendez, New Jersey Democrat, has survived a corruption scandal that looked potentially fatal.


Menedez survives corruption scandel

Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Ohmar, socialist Muslim women, have both won their house races. They are the first Muslim women elected. Ohmar is the first Somali-American ever elected.


First Muslim American women elected to congress

Democratic Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has officially won her race. She becomes the youngest woman elected to Congress. Her victory comes alongside Socialist successes in Pennsylvania house, and Bernie Sanders’ reelection. Ocasio-Cortez becomes the furthest left elected politician in decades.


Fox news projects Democrats will win the house

Democrats will win Senate races in Minnesota, New Mexico, New York and Wisconsin; and Republicans will win in Tennessee and Wyoming.

Republicans will win gubernatorial races in Texas and Wyoming and Democrat Andrew Cuomo will win the gubernatorial race in New York.


Ocasio-Cortez officially wins election

J.B. Pritzker and Joe Manchin will win their races in Indiana and West Virginia respectively.


Expected results confirmed in many states

Incumbent Democrat Joe Donnely looks likely to lose in Indiana, a devastating blow for Democrats narrow hopes of holding the Senate.


Democrats win Midwest races

Republicans are currently outperforming polls in many states. Results in Georgia should make Brian Kemp optimistic, the races in Florida are fairly negative, and the general polls seem to be shifting slightly right, though it may not be enough for Republicans to hold the House.


Mike Braun looks set to win in Indiana

Rick Scott and Ron DeSantis currently lead Democrats Bill Nelson and Andrew Gillum.

Scott, a Republican running for Senate, would probably put an end to Democrats Senate hopes, while Gillum losing would represent a shocking polling error, as he has lead in almost every report. These results should make Republicans very happy.


Results improve for Republicans

Lou Leon Guerrero, a Democrat, has been elected Govoner of Guam. She is the first female Govorner of Guam.


Florida Elections

Donna Shalala has emerged the victor from a close house race. Democrats had been concerned the former Clinton aide might blow what should have been an easy pickup, but it appears those fears were misplaced.


Results from Guam

Democrat Senators Chris Murphy, Elizabeth Warren, Tom Carper, and Ben Cardin all look likely to win their races.


Donna Shalala wins

Jennifer Wexton has defeated Barbara Comstock in a house district Democrats had expected to win. Because of Redistricting in Pennsylvania, this brings the House of Representatives very much into play.


String of wins for Senate Democrats

Follow vVrmont election results live here, from the BHS Register



Barbara Comstock defeated

Here are some predictions from Matt Troher, Editor in chief of the Indiana based Omega newspaper of Downers Grove North.


Follow Vermont Results Live

Democrat Tim Kaine seems almost certain to win against Radical Republican Corey Stewart, who has drawn criticism for his vocal support of Confederate flags and statues. Kaine’s performance in what should be heavily Republican areas is so substantial that some outlets are already calling the Senate race for him.


Local predictions

No surprises in Vermont, where Democratic Socialist independent Bernie Sanders is projected to win his Senate race.



Tim Kaine leads heavily

ABC News calls Republican wins in GA-8, IN-3, IN-6 and KY-5; and Democratic wins in GA-5, VA-3 and VT-AL.


Bernie Sanders Projected to win

Polls have closed in Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, towns in New Hampshire, South Carolina, Vermont and Virginia.


First Races Called

Republican Mike Braun has a substantial lead in the early vote over Democrat Joe Donnelly. While it’s too early to draw any conclusions, a Braun victory would be a major boon for Republicans.


More polls close

Here’s the NY Times with a report on when polling times close.



Mike Braun leads early

Polls in Indiana close in four minutes. It’s a crucial race in the Senate: Donald Trump won the state resoundingly, but Democrat Joe Donnelly is the current Senator.


It's Official! The first polls have closed

We’ll be providing in depth coverage, but here’s a brief preview I wrote of the issues on the ballot tonight.


Polling Times

In the last weeks of the election, there was a twist in the election as third party candidate Patrick Starnes dropped out and endorsed Kate Brown. Here’s a thread I wrote providing more in depth background.


Polls close in four minutes

Three of the four local candidates attended a forum in October. Here’s a recap of the races and their contestants.

Candidates Parrish, Prusak, and Paulson lay out visions for Oregon


Election background

Good afternoon! It’s midterm elections day and wlhsNOW will be covering the incoming results live.

I’m Wallace Milner, and alongside my co-editor-in-chief Philip Chan, and our broadcast department we’re going to provide live updates, analysis and explanation of the incoming results.


A surprise endorsement


Local races