Spring Poem-Hello Spring

Hello Spring


Spring Poem-original poetry by Caitlin Duncan

Spring is my favorite season.
Though when you ask someone what they think of spring, you’ll mostly hear just the cherry
blossoms, daisies and baby birds.
But when I think of spring,
I think of the sprinkle of rain as I’m hurrying to class.
I think of fluffy clouds and puffy dresses and lying in freshly cut grass.
I think of the sun shining through trees and the smile on people’s faces in a subtle evening
I think of clear night skies and glowing stars and hidden creeks where I want to spend my whole
I think of fairies and picnics and hair blowing in the wind of blue skies.
I think of forests and mountains and eyes that light up to the sunrise.
I think of flower patches and bumblebees and the sound of rivers flowing with ease.
I think of a spring that brings life to spotted deers and new leaves.
I think of spring as nature’s beginning.
I think of summer as nature’s lifetime.
I think of autumn as nature’s dying.
I think of winter as nature’s dead.
So when I say spring is my favorite season,
I don’t only mean the cherry blossoms, daisies and baby birds.
I mean the life that comes along with it.