Music is the medicine for the soul-Return of Happiness



Music Medicine-original watercolor painting by Kaelin Kehm

Music is medicine for the soul


Bruce Springsteen,

The loaded gun of music, Pennywise;

The band that brought me into the darkness of moshpits and the stage diving to Bro Hymn at concerts. These two musical geniuses gave you life through music. Many people will not understand your obsession with Bruce Springsteen. All you can say is it’s a Bruce thing, you wouldn’t understand. Pennywise is not well known; but in your eyes; they are like Elvis Presley in fame. Both consist of old men and like to make music wether they are 40, or 73. You carry your loaded revolver called Bruce Springsteen bringing the voice and rhythm of music. Other hip you got your Pennywise shotgun blasting their music across the doors of music and piercing the soul of the average rocker. You want to absolutely want to yell out singing; but you can’t because people will look at you weird. This is what You hear at Pennywise concerts. You hear lots of drunk men and women screaming the f word until they lose their voice. What you hear is screw what people think; you are living your life and looking at the unity in the crowds. You are very anti social and it is perfect because you can’t screw up your life by speaking what is on your mind. You want a girlfriend? Live life and that lady will come to you. Shoot your shot though; you got Henry, Ryan, and others for friends. You have the muscle mass of a peasant in the 1600s in France, but somehow can run faster than all of my friends. Family is great; you love them, but sometimes they nag you like every family when you’re a teenager. You want your voice and have it; but you would rather be silent and happy than loud and speaking your mind. You are me; I am you. WE ARE THE SAME.