Kaleidoscope Publication Guidelines

What We Look For

Kaleidoscope looks for imaginative & unique artwork & writing with a motif for spreading creativity throughout the high school and to its students. 

We seek imaginative voices in artwork and writing! Whether it be paintings, photography, shorts stores, or poetry.

We, the staff of Kaleidoscope, want students’ artwork & writing to be appropriate for school. Meaning their work can be shared with teachers, fellow students, and parents. 

Our Policies and Practice 

  • Submitted pieces will be reviewed by editorial staff and will go through an editing process to select works the staff deems appropriate, fitting and deserving of publication. By submitting, artists acknowledge the work is their own and has not been published elsewhere. 
  • When possible we try and pair visual art with verbal art, so submissions of written work submitted with original artwork have a better chance of getting selected for publication. 
  • Our evaluations of the artwork & writing are respective of the time that each artist and writer used to create the work of art. We acknowledge the piece as if the writer or artist were in the room during our evaluation. 
  • We are generous in the amount of time we take to study the artwork and read the writing; meaning we are willing to follow where each piece leads and the amount of storytelling the work portrays. 
  • Every piece of artwork and writing must be observed carefully and thoroughly as to not miss any key storytelling points.
  • We promote no censorship; as the artist or writer has followed the goal for their piece to be school appropriate, but we reserve the right to make edits as the staff deems necessary.
  • As we read and observe each work of art (both artwork & writing), we seek to have a human relationship to it. We can understand the author and their feelings better, as they are expressed through their work of art.
  • Our literary arts magazine honors the creativity of each writer and artist. We realize that everyone has their own unique style and deserves for their voice to be heard thoroughly through the piece(s) they have chosen to submit. 


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Kaleidoscope Publication Guidelines