Are WLHS students too old to trick-or-treat?

Every year millions of children around the country dress up in costumes and walk around the neighborhoods of America to trick-or-treat and receive free candy. The question arises: are high school students too old to trick-or-treat?

“I think it is fine for kids in high school to go trick or treating. I am dressing up and going out because it is fun to be with my friends,” Meghan Sapp, sophomore, said.   According to parenting experts on “The Today Show”, “it is still appropriate for kids to go trick or treating as teenagers as long as they are in the spirit and dressed up in a costume.”

Others, however disagree. “I just feel at this age we are to old to trick-or-treat and dress up,” Hannah Deeb, sophomore, said.  “I would rather hand out candy and hang out with my friends.”

“My favorite part of Halloween is the chocolate,” Sapp said. “Just running around being a kid makes it fun.”