Students up in arms about limited parking


Brittany Park

Some students arrive an hour and a half early almost every day, in order to find a parking spot on the street. Pictured here cars are lined up along West “A” Street, in front of WLHS.

Finally able to drive by yourself? One of the first things that many students want to do is to drive to school. However, at West Linn High School that can be a problem due to the limited amount of parking spots. If students don’t have a parking spot and wish to park on the street, they must arrive to school before dawn to park.

Whether their designated spot is in the Senior Lot or the Tripp Lot, seniors who apply for a parking spot are guaranteed to earn one. The remaining spots in the Tripp Lot are  given to juniors who are chosen at random in a lottery.

The lottery may seem like a fair idea but it causes parking problems for juniors who do not earn a spot and sophomores who have their licenses, and must drive to school. Along West A Street in front of the school, students arrive up tp an hour and a half before school starts to park on the street. If they are late, students resort to parking in no parking zones and even the staff lot. This results in parking tickets from the school and the city, which ends up being pretty costly, with the average ticket costing $30.

“I had a spot first semester, but don’t anymore so I have to find a spot on the street,” Shreya Nathan, junior said. “When I am late, I resort to parking in the visitor lot. Now I have four parking tickets,”

Erik Edmonds, sophomore, drives to school because he has to drive himself home from baseball practice.

“I have to get to school around 7 a.m. each morning to find a legal place to park,” Edmonds said, “There is a real parking problem at West Linn High School.”

For the 2015-2016 school year, the parking situation will only become worse. With over 400 seniors who will have guaranteed spots, the school may not be able to provide parking for juniors at all. Which will most likely create more problems on the street.