A glimpse into the world of witchcraft

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  • Its 5:37pm on a Tuesday and Raven’s Wing Magical Company is still open for business in the hazy afternoon. A metaphysical supply store, the company that originated in Oakland and moved up to Portland as they became more and more popular as a center for pagans and witches is full of welcoming and calm minded people. Walking in, you’re hit with a smell of white sage and the sight of different colored crystals that represent different aspects of the metaphysical world. The owner of the shop, Stella Iris, a witch and tarot card reader, sits behind the front desk with a cup of tea. “Ever since I was thirteen, my Mom practiced witchcraft around the house and one day I just asked ‘Could you show me what it means to be a witch?’” Iris said.

  • In a dark room covered with offerings for Hecate and Apollo, Iris gives a sample card reading in the dim light. Tarot Card reading some witches perceive as a way to find answers you already have than giving you a fortune that no one knows. “Tarot reading is less of a magical thing as it is a therapeutic thing, it gives you guidance when you might not have any.” Iris spoke. “I don’t believe in telling fortunes, I believe in helping people find answers. Some people use therapy, others use tarot card reading when they need a bit of enlightenment.”

  • With the door wide open, a gray cat runs into the shop with a tag on that says “Don’t Pick Up”. The cat’s name is Tigger, and he’s a stray cat that wanders around the neighborhood and gets treats from the witches of Raven’s Wing Magical Co. He’s friends with some of the cats that live in the shop, and provides constant entertainment for the staff.

  • Incense and offerings are scattered around the store along with a variety of different colored crystals that all customers gaze at in curiosity. The crystals represent different energies, and all have different types, like a tiger’s eye topaz for stress relief or an amethyst from Madagascar that’s supposed to cure a sore voice. “Crystals provide different energies that help certain cases. Some crystals promote relaxation while others provide healing in difficult times,” Iris said.

  • Covering the walls in a organized fashion are books about all sorts of witchcraft. Ranging from spell books to candle magic, senior Alexis Mooney is interested in one regarding spiritual magic for the soul. “Witches are just a fascination, you don’t know what you’re going to get,” Mooney said.

  • A sign out front of the store says that the doors are open for all colors and all sexualities. Iris shares that they allow anyone to take refuge in the store if they need it, even sharing stress relieving herbs and hot tea for all peoples. The tea is shoved in the corner and is free for all who want it. “When you go to a gathering of witches, you see many caucasian and heterosexual witches. We want to promote that witchcraft is for everyone, no matter who you love or what you look like, you can practice witchcraft. Our store is a place for all peoples, and our mission is to make sure everyone knows that they’re safe and welcome,” Iris said.

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