Submit your Senior photos here!

In every yearbook all students get a photo – the default is the student ID photo. Seniors have the option to submit a different photo, one they have taken themselves or one by a photographer. This page is where you submit those photos. Please read through all the requirements BEFORE submitting your photo. If you submit your photo and it does not meet the requirements, then your photo may not make it into the book and your LifeTouch photo will be used. We will not accept printed photos. You must have a digital file to submit to us, we will not scan your photo. DEADLINE FOR ALL PHOTOS IS NOVEMBER 3rd.

Please Proceed to THIS google form to submit your photos.


Your student will have this information or you can contact school administration.

Here’s an example of a senior photo page:


Senior photos are free, no payment required. If you have any issues, please email us at [email protected]

The form will not allow you to submit with any email other than the district’s. If you are a Photographer submitting images for a client, then click here. 


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Submit your Senior photos here!