If you can dodge a wrench you can dodge a ball

With dignity and bragging rights on the line, a dodgeball tournament will be held at West Linn High School on May 14 at 7 p.m. There are a total of eight teams participating in a winner-goes-on tournament. In the tournament, two teams face off and the winner will face the winner of the another game and the loser is eliminated.

ASB saw success with Powder Tuff earlier this year and wanted to recreate a spring activity. They came up with a dodgeball tournament.

“I’m really looking forward to dodgeball because I had a ton of fun during Powder Tuff,” Daniel Ferrario, junior, said, “but this time we are going for the championship,”

Fans are permitted to watch the tournament, which will be held in the main gym. It will be the exact same setup as volleyball having two games going on two courts. The championship game will be played no later than 8:30 p.m. Sign-ups have closed so there is not a possibility of being able to join a team.

Teams will be made up of six players with two subs per team. Players will be eliminated by being hit with the ball. A player can return into the game of play if a teammate catches an opposing teams ball. The boundaries of the game will be the volleyball court. Once all the players of one team have been hit with a ball, that team will be eliminated from the tournament.

“I’m looking forward to hitting people,” Cole Stockton, junior, said “but I really don’t want to get hit.”