New sports podcast offers a student’s perspective

Jake Nielson, Web Editor

Rory Bialostosky

It’s 6:45 on a friday night again at WLHS, the lights have finally started warming up the turf, and fog rolls down over the student section onto the field. In 15 minutes or so the all too familiar whistle will sound and the next two hours will be filled with emotion, good times and most likely a winning night for the WLHS Lions. Moments like these, where the crowd community rallies around a select group of WLHS students to offer support show how athletics at West Linn hold a special place. Obviously, cold fall nights like these instill a passion onto certain members of WLHS, whether they play sports or don’t. Sports breed passion at WLHS.

For Rory Bialostosky, Junior, sports have become nothing short of his lifeblood. Bialostosky is a broadcaster in the WLHS broadcasting program, which since last year has been nationally ranked. This is a passion that Bialostosky plans on pursuing well into college and possibly all the way to the world of professional broadcasting.

“I enjoy it, I watch sports a lot just to listen to the various broadcasters. It is fun to get the best view of the games.”

To further his passion for sports, Bialostosky has started recording a weekly podcast with interviews of various WLHS athletes, as well as game recaps and player features.

“I started the podcast because I wanted to give the fans an opportunity to hear the athlete’s stories and just hear them talk more in general because there isn’t much sports coverage at our school.” Bialostosky said.

Bialostosky puts up a new episode every Wednesday. This weeks podcast features game recaps of the weeks sports, a preview of this Friday’s football game at Newberg, and an interview with special guest Lauren Adelman, Junior. Keishon Dawkins, Junior will also be joining him for an injury update. For frequent updates follow the podcast on twitter @WLHSnow_Sports. For currently released episodes of the podcast follow the link above.