Ethan Gill
A writer primarily versed in fantasy, sci-fi and modern thrillers, Ethan Gill, Sophomore has gotten his second wind for journalism, after taking his Freshman year off.

“I gave journalism a try in 8th grade and enjoyed it immensely. I’m ecstatic that I have the opportunity to pick it up again.” Gill said. In that class, he wrote an opinion piece about 10 must-see films.

Gill enjoys video games, listening to music and joking around with family and friends. But Gill’s main adoration is well-made stories, especially stories told in film and novels.

“Cinema and Novels are easily the fields I would want to write stories for. With new techniques and technology, there’s still so much to say.” Gill said.

“I’ve wanted to tell stories since I was in elementary school. Storytelling has always been my goal.” Gill said.

However, if you want to create you need to keep the lights on, and Gill believes that Journalism may just be the way he’ll go about doing that.

“The News must be told. From John and Jane Doe’s 60th Anniversary to coverage of a Supreme Court Case. The people deserve to know every last detail. Knowledge is power, and power comes from the Journalists.”

Ethan Gill, Assistant Arts and Culture Editor

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